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A vision of revival in Laguna Beach

In the process of my phone interviews with Jane Dobson,  one of 10 people on a boat off the coast of Maine involved in the “Mysterious

Jane Dobson (rt.) with her daughter

‘Jesus Photo'” story (http://blog.godreports.com/2011/10/mysterious-%E2%80%98jesus-photo%E2%80%99-stirs-faith-brings-comfort-and-peace-to-many/), she told me  about a striking vision she had for Laguna Beach, California, which seems to point toward a revival headed here. It’s not every day that a visitor from Owl’s Head, Maine has such an unusual revelation for a town thousands of miles from home.

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Calvary by the Sea

Calvary by the sea

hand in hand

we’re walking free

delivered by

The Son of God

at Calvary, Calvary

Footsteps in the sands of time

on a hill

overlooking life

Laguna Beach

come unto Him

at Calvary, Calvary

Pioneers have faithful been

planted firmly in the land

hearty roots

spread far and wide

at Calvary, Calvary

                                                                     Laguna, 1987

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