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Jesus my Living Bread

My restless spirit longs for you,

when worldliness keeps me sighing.

Shine your light into the darkness,

I turn unfilled from earthly treasures.

Your truth forever stands unchanging

Jesus, Savior, to you I call

Those who seek you know your goodness

To those who find you, all in all.

I take you in my Living Bread,

real food that fills me deep within.

I drink from you, The Fountainhead,

fill my thirsty soul again.

Your smile is now my joy and gladness

your gift of faith will hold me fast.

© Mark Ellis 2012


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I’ll Praise You

I’ll praise you in the heavens

praise you in the heights above

join with all the angels

Praise Him heavenly host

Even the sun and moon will praise

and all your shining stars

You commanded their creation

set in place forever more

I’ll praise you from the earth below

with creatures great and small

The winds display your power

Your voice removes the storm

Some day all the nations

will join with heartfelt praise

Your name above exalted

the praise of every saint

© Mark Ellis 2005

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