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Jesus my Living Bread

My restless spirit longs for you,

when worldliness keeps me sighing.

Shine your light into the darkness,

I turn unfilled from earthly treasures.

Your truth forever stands unchanging

Jesus, Savior, to you I call

Those who seek you know your goodness

To those who find you, all in all.

I take you in my Living Bread,

real food that fills me deep within.

I drink from you, The Fountainhead,

fill my thirsty soul again.

Your smile is now my joy and gladness

your gift of faith will hold me fast.

© Mark Ellis 2012


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No rock tomb

Why did you die or my sins?

Why did you die for a sinner like me?

When I think about your suffering

the griefs you bore

the spear wound inside

A tear was shed from heaven

when you paid the ultimate price.

No rock tomb could hold you

No rock tomb could keep you inside.

I celebrate your resurrection

I celebrate the gift of new life.

Your blood poured out for cleansing

for every guilty sinner’s stain

Such love despite my failures

I can hardly take it all in

Your grief reborn, abundant joy

I traded death

for the promise of life.


© Mark Ellis 2008

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Abba, Daddy

Abba, tell me what you felt like

when you lost your only son

Oh Abba

Rouault, The Crucifixion, 1920

tell me how it felt

when they arrested him that night

Tell me what you thought to see

your only son on trial

Did you turn your eyes away

as they flogged his back and sides?

Oh Abba

I know the slurs and mocking

must have driven you insane

Then they marched him up a little hill

with soldiers at his side

Could you bear to watch

his outstretched body

hung up on a tree?

Oh Abba

You heard the sounds of pounding

as they nailed his hands and feet

raised him up for all to see

in shame and agony

Daddy tell me what you felt that night

when you lost your only son

He kept his searching gaze

on You

til darkness

filled the land.

© Mark Ellis 2005

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I’ll Praise You

I’ll praise you in the heavens

praise you in the heights above

join with all the angels

Praise Him heavenly host

Even the sun and moon will praise

and all your shining stars

You commanded their creation

set in place forever more

I’ll praise you from the earth below

with creatures great and small

The winds display your power

Your voice removes the storm

Some day all the nations

will join with heartfelt praise

Your name above exalted

the praise of every saint

© Mark Ellis 2005

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In Manzanita Branches

In manzanita branches

chocolate red

like mole sauce

dripping down from some distant

place on high

flowing over the roughness

where bark is stripped away

I saw your branches

tangled and woven

like a crown

Someone powerful

beyond my grasp

split the trunk open

at the base

exposing the soft inner place

where the ugliness gets exposed —

where water and blood did flow.

Your wound did heal

in Manzanita branches

chocolate red

like mole sauce

dripping down

from some distant place on high.

© Mark Ellis  2004

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Judas Priest

in the unseen vanities

of my frivolous mind

Your head fallen forward

scrapes the ground

and sweat

like drops of blood

mingles in the dirt

my head, set back

in revulsion

at the horrors

I’ve placed on

your heaving shoulders

when you became sin

for me.

© Mark Ellis 2006

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sifted wheat

my body feels

like sifted wheat

someone’s kneaded bread

forced to fast

yet overdue

every other time I tried

I fasted for myself

Your body smashed

upon a cross

a piece of broken bread

all my sifted wheat drawn in

your hands stretched open wide

Then you said a prayer for me…

‘Let his faith not fail.’

A loving body nurtured me

You gave me living bread.


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Calvary by the Sea

Calvary by the sea

hand in hand

we’re walking free

delivered by

The Son of God

at Calvary, Calvary

Footsteps in the sands of time

on a hill

overlooking life

Laguna Beach

come unto Him

at Calvary, Calvary

Pioneers have faithful been

planted firmly in the land

hearty roots

spread far and wide

at Calvary, Calvary

                                                                     Laguna, 1987

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