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After two years in a coma doctors wanted to disconnect life support, then God woke him up

Randall Hall was once a free-wheeling playboy who traveled the world, went through women like “potato chips,” and dashed around

Hall before accident

town in his Mercedes 500 SL convertible. Seven clothing boutiques from Laguna Beach to San Francisco provided access to beautiful women ready to lay claim to his indulgent lifestyle.

Then he tried to move in on someone else’s girlfriend one night at a bar in this coastal enclave. The woman’s boyfriend savagely attacked Hall after he left the bar, which left him unconscious, lying face down in an alley with blood oozing from a cracked skull.

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911 Remembrance: only known survivor from Trade Center impact zone pays tribute to God’s grace

His song of protection – Psalm 91:1

Stanley Praimnath

The 911 Commission credits Stanley Praimnath as the only known survivor from the impact zone at the World Trade Center towers on September 11.

“The Lord saw fit for me to live,” says Praimnath, who works in the banking industry in New York.  His riveting tale of survival is chronicled in “Plucked from the Fire” (Rosedog Books), coauthored with William Hennessey.

Praimnath, born in Guyana, came to America with little money in his pockets in 1981. When he arrived, Praimnath landed a job in the garment industry in Jersey City,New Jersey, where he earned $125 a week.  Then he got a job as a file clerk for a bank in downtown Manhattan.

Growing up in Guyana, his mother insisted he attend church, but he rebelled and drifted away during high school. “I woke up one day in America and decided I wanted to be a good guy, whatever ‘good’ means,” he recalls.  Then a friend called and invited him to church.  “The more I went, the more I liked what I saw,” Praimnath says.  He was born-again in 1983.

A few years later he married a pastor’s daughter and started a new career with Fuji Bank.  On the side, he helped his father-in-law plant a church in a rough neighborhood of Queens, New York.

Within five years Praimnath advanced to Asst. Vice-President, running all of Fuji Bank’s operations on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center, Tower 2.  That floor was immense—approximately one acre square, and almost completely soundproof from the outside.

Praimnath thought he was on top of the world – even planes flew at the same level.  When he looked down, everything looked small.  Praimnath says most of the people he worked with at Fuji Bank were Buddhists or Shinto; there were only a handful of Christians.

When most people went to lunch, Praimnath sat at his desk with a salad or soup, reading his Bible.  He tried to share about Christ when he had opportunities, but most didn’t want to hear.

Critical events transpire

On the morning of Sept. 11, he was riding up the elevator to his office at 8:45 a.m. when Tower One was hit by the first plane.  Riding in the elevator, Praimnath didn’t see or hear a thing.

As soon as he laid his briefcase down he began to receive a barrage of phone calls, first from his mother, then his wife and brothers.  “Stan, are you OK?” they asked.  He said, “Yes, yes, I’m fine,” but none of them told him what happened.  He wondered why his family was checking up on him.

When he hung up he glanced out his window for the first time.  He was stunned to see huge chunks of fiery debris—“fireballs”—falling from Tower One.  The other half of Fuji Bank’s operations were in that tower, so he called there to try to reach his boss.  There was no answer.

Praimnath decided it was time to get out, so he jumped in an elevator and headed down to the lobby.  He was about to go through the turnstile exit when a security guard stopped him.  “Where are you going?” the man asked.

“I’m going home,”Stanley said.

The security guard said: “No, the building is safe and secure, go back to your office.”  Soon an intercom was piping in the same message: “Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen, Building 2 is secure.  There is no need to evacuate Building 2.”

Praimnath got into the express elevator and in less than a minute was back up to the 81st floor.  Several of his co-workers rode in the same elevator.  They were laughing and exchanging pleasantries.  When he got off that elevator, it was the last time he would see them again.

He walked into his office and the phone rang immediately.  It was a woman from Chicago.  “Stan, Stan, get out, get out of the building.”  He assured the woman he was fine.  “But you’re not logged on to the computer,” she said. Stanley still didn’t know a plane hit the first building.

At eye-level with United flight 175 

As he assured the woman he was safe, he stood up near his desk, while he held the phone in his hand, and just happened to look toward the Statue of Liberty.  Suddenly he saw a huge plane, gray in color, that flew straight at him.  “It was coming at me at eye-level contact,” he notes.  Praimnath could make out the letter ‘U’ on the tail.  It was United flight 175.

“As the plane was getting nearer I could hear a revving sound the engine was making, like the sound a plane makes when it’s about to take off,” Praimnath says.  “Quadruple that sound, and that’s the sound I could hear, even in this soundproof building.  I can still hear that sound in my head,” he says.  “That sound will never go away.”

“I’m standing up looking at this plane getting bigger and nearer,” Praimnath says.  “You don’t know how fast your mind is reacting.”

In desperation he cried out to God:  “Lord, I can’t do this—you take over,” and he dove under his desk.  Praimnath’s Bible still sat on top of the desk.  The plane slammed into the building with immense force. The bottom of the wing sliced through his office and stuck in his office door 20 feet away from where he huddled.

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Cause for praise — three family members come to Christ in a few short days

I want to offer praise for what has transpired in our family over the last few days. On Saturday we ended our vacation in Wisconsin with Sally’s family. On our last morning

The dock near the cabin at Chippewa Flowage

at her Uncle’s cabin on the banks of the Chippewa Flowage, Sally’s Aunt Betty Lu, 88, prayed to receive Christ with Sally and me. It was a beautiful, still, morning at the lake and Sally and I had just gone kayaking. The lake was like glass. When we came in, Aunt Betty Lu came down to the dock, walking very slowly with her cane.

She had just read the book, “Heaven is for real,” and was excited about it. She had also become involved in church for the first time in her life, since her husband’s death a couple years ago. We got into a wonderful conversation with her and asked if she had an assurance about heaven. She said she was “working on it.” Sally and I both shared our testimonies and explained the Gospel. Then we asked if she wanted to be sure about heaven and say a prayer with us to receive Jesus. She said yes. It was a beautiful moment the Lord orchestrated.

Then we drove four hours to Appleton to stay with Sally’s other aunt, Cosette, who is 90, before we flew out the next morning. I”ve been praying for Aunt Cos’s salvation for many years. After dinner at her house, we got into a discussion about spiritual matters, and we all acknowledged this visit might be our last together. I told her that with Jesus, we could see each other some day in heaven. Again we shared our testimonies and dealt with a few issues she had before she prayed to receive Christ with us as well. Hallelujah, Lord!

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Former NFL football player found the Father’s blessing

After he tore all three ligaments in his knee, he thought his dream of future glory on the gridiron was over. Then God met him in a surprising way that changed the course of his life.

Ed Tandy McGlasson


From the start — before he drew his first breath – tragedy struck. “I never had a single moment with my father,” says Ed Tandy McGlasson, the former NFL offensive lineman who played for the Rams, Jets, and Giants. He is the founding pastor of the Stadium Vineyard inAnaheim,California.

Ed’s mother was eight months pregnant with him when a terrible accident brought heartbreak. “My father was a test pilot,” he says. “He was killed at 400 miles per hour.” The night before it happened, his mother had a premonition of disaster.

“Am I going to lose you?” she asked her husband. On that last night, Ed’s dad read the story of Jesus walking on the water toward the boat filled with his disciples. As he read, something caused him to circle the word “Come,” the invitation to Peter to walk by faith across the water toward Jesus.

“The next morning he crashed in the sea,” Ed says sadly.

Later Ed’s mother remarried a submarine commander. “He was a hard man whose father tried to beat the weakness out of him,” Ed recalls.

In his youth, Ed strove to live up to the image of his deceased father. “Everything I did was about securing and proving myself to the heroic dad I never saw,” he notes. “I pushed myself to the ‘nth’ degree.”

Walk-on at Youngstown State

Without sufficient funds for college, Ed tried to walk on theYoungstownStatefootball team. “We don’t have any scholarship money to give you,” Coach Bill Narduzzi told him.

Ed had a bold idea. “Coach, if I’m not the best football player you’ve ever seen in the next 10 days, don’t give me a scholarship, but if I am…”

“Son, if you’re that good I’ll mortgage my house to get you a scholarship,” Narduzzi replied.

For the next 10 days, Ed says he played like Dick Butkus, the Chicago Bears all-time great. Every drill was played at 110 percent.

After watching the display, Narduzzi approached him and put his arm on his shoulder pad. “Son, I don’t know where we’re getting the money, but consider yourself on a full ride at Youngstown State.”

Ed could hardly contain his glee, and began to nurture his dreams of playing one day in the NFL. But a serious injury threatened to derail his plans. One day at practice, there was a “freak” fumble on the ground.

Serious Injury

“A freshman dove through my left knee to get the fumble,” Ed recalls. As Ed collapsed he heard his knee ligaments rip. “It was an unbelievable sound in my head.”

Doctors told him all three major ligaments were torn and he would probably not play football again. He needed major reconstructive surgery the next morning.

Ed went back to his dorm room with an ice pack. “To say I was devastated would be an understatement,” he says. “Everything I worked for was gone. I didn’t know what to do.”

Then came a knock on his door. A young man named Bill Romanowski (no relation to the football player) entered the room, surveyed Ed’s sorry condition and said, “Hi Ed, I’m the campus pastor here.”

While Ed’s grandmother was a Christian Scientist, Ed had no interest or previous involvement in religion.

They exchanged a few pleasantries, then Romanowksi said, “Ed, you have a lot of things going for you, but you lack one thing.”


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Lost for 47 days at sea on a raft, a God of miracles saved Zamperini’s life

Louis Zamperini’s record in the mile earned as a USC track star stood for 20 years. After he ran for his country in the Berlin Olympics of 1936, he had the dubious honor of meeting Adolph Hitler. But when his B-24 Liberator crashed in the Pacific during WWII, many thought a promising life was cut short.

Louis Zamperini

The harrowing account of his ordeal at sea told in Laura Hillenbrand’s outstanding book “Unbroken” reveals that God had another plan for his life.

 “Talk about a miracle,” Zamperini says today at age 94. Stationed in Hawaii during WWII, Zamperini volunteered to search for a plane and its crew that disappeared one day in late May, 1943. 

When he agreed to undertake the mission, he knew the only plane available for the search was considered a “musher,” because its tail flew below its nose due to undetermined mechanical problems.

His concern about the plane was confirmed when one of its engines sputtered and died during the search mission, which sent all aboard into a steep dive and a violent crash into the sea. Trapped inside the fuselage by wires from the electrical system, his ears popped and pressure inside his head intensified until he blacked out.   

The plane sank deeper and deeper with Louis trapped inside. Like Jonah ensnared in the belly of the whale with seaweed wrapped around him, Louis couldn’t free himself from the wiry tenacles.

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