Revival among the junior high kids at Forest Home

My son Sam returned from leading the junior high retreat at Forest Home today. He described the three day retreat as one of the

Sam Ellis on houseboat trip

highlights of his time in ministry.

Not only did eight out of 12 boys pray to receive Christ, but many of the sixth and seventh grade girls also accepted Christ and two 8th grade girls prayed to rededicate their lives to Christ. Two of the boys who prayed to receive Christ had signed up for the retreat the night before they left; they had only visited the youth group one time previously.

“On the first night they arrived they were messing around,” Sam said. “By the end of the retreat every kid was raising their hands during the worship.” Some of the sixth grade boys got up early for an optional worship gathering on Saturday morning. “They were moved — it wasn’t mandatory,” Sam noted.

When they went on a hike through the forest, they asked if they could stop and pray several times.

On Saturday night, they wanted to read through as much of the Book of Luke as they could, out loud, together. They got all the way to the crucifixion. “I don’t know what happened,” one boy said, “but during the worship I was crying uncontrollably.”

Painful things came out that you would never expect from young people. A few came from difficult situations at home, Sam said.

“God did great this weekend; He was on the move!”


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