A vision of revival in Laguna Beach

In the process of my phone interviews with Jane Dobson,  one of 10 people on a boat off the coast of Maine involved in the “Mysterious

Jane Dobson (rt.) with her daughter

‘Jesus Photo'” story (http://blog.godreports.com/2011/10/mysterious-%E2%80%98jesus-photo%E2%80%99-stirs-faith-brings-comfort-and-peace-to-many/), she told me  about a striking vision she had for Laguna Beach, California, which seems to point toward a revival headed here. It’s not every day that a visitor from Owl’s Head, Maine has such an unusual revelation for a town thousands of miles from home.

Jane flew out to northern California on July 29, 2011 to spend time with friends.  They made a road trip down the coast, and arrived in Laguna Beach during the first week of August. Jane visited the second service at Church by the Sea on August 7th.  Pastor Jeff was talking about the doctrinal essentials of the Evangelical Free Church.

As Jane sat in the pew, God gave her a startling vision. She felt like she was outside the church in her spirit, where she saw cloven tongues of fire on the roof of the sanctuary. All the opaque glass windows covering the sides of the church were gone. In their place, huge black speakers pointed out toward the surrounding community.

“I could see people all the way down to the water trying to get to Church by the Sea,” she says. “They were pressed together like sardines, pressing in like nothing I’ve ever seen trying to get into Church by the Sea. They were on rooftops, leaning out of buildings. It was a sea of people.”

“There was something huge drawing them – signs and wonders that were incredible.”

Jane shared her vision with Jeff after the service, and he was astonished.

“Something massively huge is going to happen in Laguna Beach,” Jane says with conviction. “It will be signs and wonders such as we’ve never seen. The revival is going to be from coast to coast and will spread like Holy Ghost wildfire.”

“We will be stepping out like Mark 16,” she adds. “It will be beyond everyone’s imagination.” Jane says it will involve the restoration of minds and bodies, dramatic healings, restoration of limbs, even resurrections.

“God is ready to unzip heaven.”


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