Muslim outreach in Dearborn, Michigan continues this year

Near the place Henry Ford launched the American automobile industry, the Muslim call to prayer can be heard above the

Muslim women in U.S.

cacophony of street noise.  Outside the local mosque is one pastor distributing Christian literature, ready to point Muslims toward the light and truth found in Jesus Christ. 

“Muslims are here from all over the world and we want to reach out to them,” says Pastor George Saieg, founder of the M2M Network (  “This is the time to be equipped to reach them,” he says. “Our prayer is that they will be touched by the Holy Spirit and their eyes will be opened to see the truth.” 

For several years, he and his team have attended the Arab International Festival, held inDearborn,Michigan. The event attracts several hundred thousand Arab Americans, and Pastor Saieg finds it an ideal venue for Christian outreach. 

Last year Pastor Saieg was forced by local officials to distribute his literature five blocks away from the event. These restrictions are under review by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. “Pray for a good result from the courts,” he asks. “We believe the public sidewalks should be open for everybody.” 

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