At least seven Japanese Christians are working at crippled nuclear plant

Fukushima workers

As radioactive water flows into the ocean surrounding the troubled Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, workers are scrambling to find and stop the source of damaging leaks.

“Leaks of radiation are being found everywhere,” reports physicist Michio Kaku PhD, a professor at City University of New York in a recent blog posting. “It’s like death from a thousand cuts,” he notes. “The utility is like the little Dutch boy, trying desperately to plug up one leak, only to find another.”

In the midst of this complex and dangerous crisis, at least seven members of Fukushima Daiichi Seisho Baptist Church have been working as part of the emergency team at the nuclear plant. “One of the seven workers had actually run away from the plant out of fear,” according to Scott Eaton, I.T. director for CRASH Japan.

“After becoming Christian, he returned to work with a smile and Bible in hand convicted to share the Gospel with his co-workers,” Eaton notes. The seven workers and their families are aware of the possible consequences of working in close proximity to high and potentially lethal doses of radiation.

In an unusual twist, Eaton once attended and taught the scriptures at the same church in Fukushima where he has returned as leader of a disaster assessment team for CRASH. He choked up as he remembered many in the church as his dear “family.”

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